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HSAtlasTradeFashion: Bringing Global Style to Local Markets

HSAtlasTradeFashion: The textile and apparel industry has been an important part of India’s economy for decades. Recently, a new player called HSAtlasTradeFashion has emerged in the industry focusing on bringing global fashion to local markets across the country.

HSAtlasTradeFashion was started in 2020 and has quickly extended to have operations in over 15 states. The company works right with manufacturers in Bangladesh, China, and other exportation hubs to source readymade garments in wholesale. It allows them to access quality export surplus apparel at cheap prices.

Then HSAtlasTradeFashion supplies this fashion merchandise to local retail stores in Tier 2 and 3 cities in India. So far, they have partnered with over 2000 multi-brand outlets. This helps distribute trendy, affordable clothes to smaller towns and rural areas.

The Inspiration of HSAtlasTradeFashion

According to founder Hardik Shah, the inspiration came from realizing the gap between export markets and local Indian bazaars. While Indian apparel makers were exporting stylish clothes abroad, local markets still lacked access to the latest fashion. HS Atlas aimed to link this supply and demand.

The company leverages modern technology for inventory management, logistics, and payments. They analyze local sales data to predict popular styles and place bulk orders accordingly. The use of e-commerce and mobile apps also helps them rapidly deliver fresh stock to their retail partners.

In just two years, HSAtlasTradeFashion has achieved a turnover of Rs. 45 crores. They have determined plans to enlarge into more towns and cities. The company also confidences to play a role in modernizing and establishing the highly fragmented retail fashion industry in India. Their business model provides a blend of global exposure and local outreach to bring more choice in style and apparel to Indian consumers across the country.

The Growth of Fast Fashion in India

HSAtlasTradeFashion is tapping into the rapid growth of ‘fast fashion’ in India. Fast fashion states to reasonable designs that move quickly from slopes to stores to capture the modern trends.

India’s fashion bazaar is now estimated at $50 billion and is expected to reach $115 billion by 2027. With rising profits and exposure to global trends, Indian customers want stylish garments at reasonable prices. Fast fashion helps gratify this demand.

International fast fashion colossuses like H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo have arrived India. But domestic companies like HS Atlas have some advantages. Their local networks and insight helps bring fast fashion deep into smaller cities.

HS Atlas has set up regional hubs and distribution centers to improve efficiency. Their logistics network uses trains, trucks and even flights to ship products. Analytics and social media also help forecast needs and reduce unsold inventory.

Empowering Local Retailers

An important part of HS Atlas’ model is partnering with local multi-brand outlets and modernizing mom-and-pop stores.

These small retailers have long served Indian bazaars. However, they were at a disadvantage compared to big malls and chains. HS Atlas provides the technology, capital and inventory to upgrade these local stores.

Retail partners can access HS Atlas’ e-commerce platform for orders and payments. The company also helps stores with lighting, displays, trial rooms and ambience to elevate the shopping experience. Partners can better compete with access to the latest fashion at their fingertips.

The company aims to onboard 10,000 retailer partners by 2025. HS Atlas ultimately hopes to transform small-town retail not just in clothing, but also electronics, cosmetics and other sectors.

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