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Dates Definition Nutritional Composition and More

Dates Definition

Dates are small fruits that we devour as dried fruit and enter our kitchen slight by little. It is increasingly common to find dates in greengrocers and stores because it is a fruit that “is fashionable.”

One of its growing popularity is the desire to complete the sweet taste without adding sugar to confectionery products. Therefore, it is a fairly common ingredient in the entire range of unique formulations we design under the “healthy” label.

Nutritional Value of Dates

The fact is that it is a natural dried fruit. Therefore, its nutritional density is high since, during the dehumidification process, the amount of water in the product decreases, and its nutrients increase. At a healthy level, its content stands out
2. Fiber
4. Calcium
5. Iron
6. Provitamin A vitamin B3 and vitamin C

Recommended for Dates

Athletes: it is a helpful way to transport focused nutrients in the case of endurance athletes. In addition, the high content of potassium and sugar can be beneficial for muscle recovery.

Children: Its sweetness is usually pleasant, although the surface is not always well received. They are effective for making sweets without added sugar because it already provide a good amount and, therefore, sweetness for different recipes.

Constipation: Dates contain a good amount of fiber, which helps improve intestinal transit.

Not recommended for dates

People with cavities: the amount of honey they contain and their sticky texture make them food promoting holes. It is essential to take this issue into account when brushing your teeth after a meal. Low potassium diets: like most culmination, the potassium content material of figs isn’t always negligible, so it’s miles important to limit their consumption in diets with a controlled potassium intake, as can be the case in human beings with the disorder—renal insufficiency.

Foodborne migraines: they include tyramine, which has a vasoconstrictive effect that may purpose migraines in people who are inclined to suffer from this kind of headache.

Types of dates

There are different varieties with their differences. And generally classified as soft, semi-dry, and dry. Through:
Medjool dates, soft dates, very sweet, and due to their creamy, juicy and lovely texture, they are the perfect allies in baking. Deglet Noor, semi-dry, from Tunisia and eaten with sweet and savory. They are probably the most common variety in the markets.

Other varieties are Khadrawy; Also delicious, Halawy or Barhi are eaten fresh, without drying out.
Its flexibility is almost infinite, and you can find recipes with dates in both sweet and savory preparations. For example, If you want to make tapas, cakes, skewers or decorate them with meats, cheeses, and vegetables as a starter.

In main dishes, dates can be used for perfect garnish. It is helpful in salads, stews with rice, vegetables, garnishes. (chicken or turkey) and fish. For dessert, you can accompany ice cream, cakes, or pasta. Also, in the breakfasts with cereal flakes, they can complement fruits, such as pears and nuts.

Being dried fruits with high density in sugars and little water, they are little perishable

How to keep Dates Longer?

We can well preserve for months. Though, it is vital to take into account several considerations. Once acquired, we can store them in a closed glass container, calm and protected from light. In plastic packaging, it is more likely that they can suffer molds. On the contrary, if they are reserved in the air or in containers that do not close, they will dry out more, in the count to having the risk of insect success them.

What did you need to know about Dates?

Season: although dates can taste throughout the year, they ripen in autumn, and we can find freshly collected dates in the markets during October and November.
Benefits: they’re rich in fiber, vitamins together with beta-carotene, and minerals which include potassium.
Ideal for: athletes, youngsters, and those stricken by constipation.


Dates are the fruitlet of the date palm, cultivated in numerous steamy regions of the world. Consequently, it have become very dominant in recent years.
Nearly all dates sold in Western countries are dried.
And also. You can say if the dates are dry or not based on how they look. Wrinkled skin indicates dryness, while smooth skin indicates freshness.

Depending on the variety, fresh dates are small and vary in hue from cheerful red to bright yellow. Deglet Noor and Medjool dates are the most consumed varieties.
Dates are chewy with a sweet taste. They are also high in some critical nutrients and have a variety of benefits and uses.

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