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Foxy eyes: the new trend that elevates the look without surgery

Foxy eyes: This article will find out precisely what it is and how to make the crafty eye effect with makeup. See all about the “foxy eyes” trend that promotes a long and very sensual look.
It is the trend of the moment. It lifts the look natural and is easy to achieve. We give you three tips to achieve it.
This way of making up the eyes inspires by the look that characterizes foxes. Hence its name “cunning eyes.” The goal is to create an immediate lift effect. How? Through a play of light and shadow on the eyelid, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Thus the structure of the eye is visually modified.

During the last few seasons, makeup artists have swapped their classic eyeliner line for a specific touch on the inner and outer corner of the eyes to obtain this effect: a mix between almond eyes, a Cleopatra touch, and cat eyes.

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski are (almost) perfect examples. Because behind her intense, slightly elevated gaze would secretly hide an alternative medicine operation called a tension cord lift. Although the models never confessed to having performed this procedure, many Instagram accounts have fun posting photos of their eyes before and after, quite disturbing. But then, how do we achieve this effect without going through the surgeon?

3 Steps To Achieve Foxy Eyes

The eyeliner

For her first tutorial posted on her Instagram account, makeup artist Erin Parson opted for this technique. Regarding the eyeliner line, the makeup begins with the inner corner of the eye. After you have made a kind of “V,” create a long comma towards the outside of the eye. The idea? Connect both (the inner and outer corner) with a line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid.


foxy eyes

Are you not comfortable with eyeliner? No problem, go for your most beautiful dark eyeshadow and use your brushes. Next, select a shade slightly darker than your complexion and stretch your eyeshadow towards the end of your brows. Finally, apply a touch of the shadow of the same color to the inner corner of the eye to extend the shape.


Eyebrows help create crafty visual eyes, which is why they deserve special attention.

In this style of makeup, the eyebrows tend to be more natural and transparent. So nothing to score too much. The idea is to create the “model eyebrows” effect, that more messy and natural effect. To do this, blend them with a bit of shadow and use a transparent wax or gel, comb the hair upwards. There is also “soap” to do this.
The helpful tip is to use glycerin soap with the help of an eyebrow brush to comb through them and keep the hair held up. It is enough to spray a little water, brush the meeting in the soap and apply it on the eyebrow, pressing and combing the hairs upwards. The effect is super interesting.

Not all brow shapes allow for a new model, but it is possible to elevate them slightly.

There is also another alternative to show off foxy eyes without going through makeup. This time it’s about the eyebrows. Like Audrey Hepburn, you can go for pretty short brows with a high tail. This shape will accentuate this slightly elevated-looking effect.

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The fox eyes or foxy eyes technique is a makeup proposal that came with everything after being seen by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

This technique proposes more elongated and elevated eyes, making references to a fox’s gaze and recalling the shape of oriental eyes.
So, Many people have already resorted to plastic surgery to achieve this look, but this is unnecessary; now, we will learn how to create foxy eyes with makeup.

What are the famous Foxy Eyes?

Foxy eyes bring a smoother and smoother makeup proposal, generally in brown tones that do not extend over the entire eyelid and usually have large contours.

The proposal is to make the impression of a striking look like that of the fox itself, elongated and sensual.

The crafty eye technique is made of shades of brown that work to lift the gaze, with or without eyeliner.
An additional trick to lift the look is to hold the hair by pulling a little more on the sides to lift the skin. The scheme exists, but the sly eyes effect doesn’t have to be painful, so let’s go step by step.

Step by step to create the Foxy Eyes with makeup

foxy eyes

Use tape or cardboard to prevent the stain from spreading. Rub on to the outer corner of the eye, diagonally towards the eyebrow;
Apply the skin tone corrector to the entire eyelid to even out this area;
Start by blending with a softer shade of brown, creating a sort of eyeliner near the lashes and tape. Smoke well and decrease the intensity of the product as you approach the inner corner of the eye;

Apply a slightly darker brown to create a second, more intense spot just below the first along the same line;
Use the concealer to the rest of the eyelid with powder or blush of the same complexion;

You can use eyeliner or not. If you want to outline the outline, it is essential that the line is straight and reaches the end of the eyebrow so that it also gives a feeling of a stretch; In the inner curve of the eye, draw a small outline so that the outer corner looks taller, emphasizing the outer corner;

Remove masking tape or cardboard and use powder to highlight the area on the skin.
Highlight the inner corner of the eyes and under the browbones with a highlighter. Finish with false lashes applied only from the eye’s middle outwards to draw attention to the outer corner. It will help create the illusion of long, “slanted” eyes. Caprice in the mask, and voila!

To end

Connect the end of the upper contour with the beginning of the lower one. Again, use a brown shade to avoid making the result too heavy.

Remember that it is unnecessary to outline the entire eye, concentrate the product in the outer corner and smooth until it almost disappears in the inner corner.
And last but not least, gradient lashes help create the elongated and stretching effect of the eyes; choose these models to develop perfect crafty eyes.

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Extra tips

Be careful when you remove the ribbon and pull it out carefully as the base may come loose.

One option is to do the peel first, then the eyes, especially if you don’t have a lot of practice with smoky eyes yet.

Another tip is to remove excess glue from the ribbon so it doesn’t alter.

We will see that the result is incredible. Foxy eyes provide a smooth result, so it’s great for social and daytime events.

Smudging is also relatively straightforward, and with just two eye shadows and one brush, it is possible to create it.