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Winter 2021 Running Jackets

Rainproof, Windproof, Breathable and Waterproof models, those who practice running hardly suspend their workouts during the winter season but must adapt their running clothing to cope with events such as rain, wind and lower temperatures.

One of the must-have items for a runner in the winter season (in addition to running shoes, of course, for which it is vital to know the new running shoe models ) is undoubtedly the windbreaker.

Winter 2021 Running Jackets Rainproof

The focal point on which we must focus is that a single jacket may not be enough because running jackets with different characteristics correspond to other climatic conditions. If, for example, the weather is nice, albeit cold, a windbreaker may be acceptable; in case of light rain, a water-repellent windbreaker will need.
In more persistent rain and unfavourable weather, a waterproof jacket made of technical material will require.

Two other features are essential to choosing the right jacket: breathability, which allows the runner to prevent sweat from freezing on the body and dispersing heat, and the possible presence of reflective inserts to make themselves visible even in the event of poor lighting. You can then complete the equipment with an actual running torch.

It is unnecessary to own three jackets but to know your habits to turn yourself in your choice. If we already know, for example, that we don’t go out for a run in case of rain, we can settle for a water-repellent windbreaker and discard the waterproof one.

Winter 2021 Running Jackets, which one to Choose

Let’s see some attractive models for each category.
Rainproof Winter Running Jacket
Windproof winter jacket
Lightweight Running Jacket
Breathable winter jacket

Winter 2021 Running Jackets

Rainproof Winter Running Jacket

Rainproof Winter Running Jacket

The rain jacket is perfect for those who can’t give up their running training, even in the case of showers. So naturally, this jacket must be waterproof in all its details: zippers and seams must be waterproof. In addition, the rain jacket for running should also have a hood to offer additional head protection.

Of course, it is the ideal complement to winter running clothing, which must adapt to seasonal temperatures to avoid catching colds and flu.

Nike Core18 Water Repellent Jacket

A Nike waterproof jacket is not for stopping, even on rainy days.
This garment recommends running the football and any other sport; pockets characterize this garment in the side seams, full zip and hood, elasticated cuffs, contrasting piping on the shoulder seams, and regular cut.

The hood and full zip protect from rain, while the mesh lining improves ventilation and keeps the skin dry. The jacket is available in the colours of blue, black and red. Amazon users who purchased the product appreciated its quality, design, attention to detail and value for money. Dress wide; better take one size smaller.

Windproof Winter Jacket

Windproof winter running jacket is perfect for those who run even when temperatures are low, but the weather is clear (or in any case, it doesn’t rain). This jackets often also have a certain level of waterproofing, but it must bear in mind that this is not their main feature; therefore, they may not prove adequate in every case of rain.

Docooler Windproof Jacket

The windproof jacket we are talking about, also on sale on Amazon, is a model recommended for cycling and suitable for running. It prepares with three layers of fabric: polyester mesh on the surface, thin, water-resistant fabric in the middle layer, and warm fleece in the lining.

In addition, the jacket features a zipper under the armpits for good ventilation and a reflective logo and strip for running or cycling even at night.

Lightweight Running Jacket

Those looking for an excellent jacket to protect themselves from the cold, but without particular sealing characteristics in case of rain or wind, can opt for a light and minimal windbreaker.

Also, in this case, we are discussing a jacket with a certain degree of waterproofing but is undoubtedly more suitable to protect us. At the same time, we run on a beautiful sunny day to bring us to safety in the event of a sudden shower, than to be used to running. Under showers or in strong winds.

Joma Women’s Running Jacket

Joma offers a simple, quality model also recommended for practising sports professionally. It is a waterproof jacket, available in many colours, with an integrated hood and protection for the zipper on the neck.

The women’s line has side pockets without zippers. The jacket is also recommended for those who practice underwater sports due to its good waterproof capacity.

People appreciated the speed of delivery, the jacket’s sturdy material, and its bright colour. They consider it functional and of quality. However, they recommend taking one size up, as the garment is not very suitable.

Breathable Winter Jacket – Winter 2021 Running Jackets Rainproof

In reality, any running jacket should be breathable to allow the body not to lose heat and at the same time prevent sweat from getting cold on the body. Above all, therefore, those who fear colds and those who sweat a lot, or perhaps have particularly long-running sessions, should buy a running jacket in which this feature is particularly well-finished and developed.

Time to run Breathable Jacket

Thermal fabric jacket made of brushed polyester, exceptionally breathable and quick-drying,
to offer maximum comfort during training.

A model characterized by lockable zips and thumbholes, with reflective details to run even in the dark. The jacket has three wallet, two for the fingers and one on the chest, massive enough to hold a telephone. Recommended for running, walking or winter cycling.

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