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Treadmills are the number 1 cardio equipment in the category, and they allow you to train quickly and comfortably, so the concept of running is growing.

During training, our body is constantly working, mainly the muscles of the lower body, and thanks to this we improve and activate our cardiovascular system.

If you need help choosing the most important cardio machine in your gym, feel free to call Pro gym, and a consultant will help you with everything you need.

When looking for a professional treadmill, we need a treadmill that can withstand many hours of use per day and is equipped with the latest training technology.

Professional treadmills are installed in crowded gyms and purchased by many private users for high-performance home workouts. In any case, you should know that you do not need to be a specialist to install it; anyone can do it.

There are professional tapes on the market for thousands of euros, but we will analyze the 7 cheapest professional tapes from reliable brands with good value for money in this article.


Treadmills Over the past 18 years of export treadmills in commercial gyms and home fitness rooms, we have made a wise choice on our website; no matter your budget, we have the treadmills for you. We have a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a new treadmill:

1) Width of the treadmill platform. Don’t buy anything shorter than 18 inches or 45 cm, as you will feel that the strap is too narrow and too uncomfortable to run.

2) Make sure the console is significant to see the readable information easily.

3) Make certain the motor and treadmill parts are under a three-year warranty.

4) If the treadmill does not allow a speed of at least 16 km/h, the treadmill may not be able to provide you with a comfortable running speed or the necessary power to enjoy or use the machine regularly.

If you visit the gym often enough, you probably know a thing or two about Pro Fitness machines: their kettlebells, squat racks, and elliptical trainers are popular in gyms across the country. But how good are their folding treadmills?

This guide compares Pro Fitness folding models at different price points – take a look at our handy little chart below (which lists motor power, top speed, and deck size) and reviews. From the experts of the most enthusiastic brokers in our purchasing team.

Are Pro Fitness treadmills good?

We’re just going to get out there and say: Pro Fitness treadmills are great products, and there’s a model for every budget, whether you’re new to running or an advanced sidewalk pusher. Of course, some better value for money than others, but it depends on what you are looking for.

What types of treadmills does Pro Fitness sell?

Pro Fitness is a reputable and trusted brand offering a wide range of equipment for the gym and the active home workout in the UK. Their folding treadmills (like those above) fall into the latter category, with three models featured at different price points.

What is the average durability of a Pro Fitness treadmill?

Most treadmills have a life span of seven to twelve years. Some models last much longer than average (about ten years) with proper care, and we expect Pro Fitness treadmills to fall into that category. But if you don’t take care of your own, even the most expensive model will die young.

What is the best Pro Fitness treadmill?

Each of these Pro Fitness treadmills looks very similar from the start, so we forgive you for thinking they are all the same. But it’s not, and our nifty little comparison chart proves it.

On top of all this, how do you know which model is the best option for you? Of course, this will depend on your circumstances and reasons for using the machine, but we have done our best to help you narrow it down below.

For beginners

If you’re looking to get a treadmill to keep fit at home, then the Pro Fitness T2000 is the way to go.
Priced at £599.99, it only costs £50 more than the T1000. And for that extra £50, you get a top speed of 18 km/min vs 16 km/min, 30 workouts instead of 24, a bigger engine and more user weight. So what is it
For advanced runners

Longing for something a little more. Challenging? It has to be the T3000, the bee knees of the folding treadmill world.

It was just £200 more expensive than the T2000 (£799.99). For that, enjoy a host of additional features: a larger motor, a top speed of 20 km/h if you want to run a bit, 36 special training programs, a much higher maximum user weight, and eight display functions.

Differentour verdict

Your budget will command which model you choose here. For example, if you’re new to treadmills, for an extra £50, we’d recommend the T2000 over the T1000. It’s that easy. But if you’re looking for a model that has that wow factor, one that can take your workout from an everyday Monday night affair to an endorphin-inducing exercise, the T3000 is the treadmill for you.

All in all, if you can afford to part with the substantial £800, we’d recommend going for the Pro Fitness T3000. It gives you the chance to use the main, easy-to-understand screens and functions initially (if you need to), but as you become more familiar with the model, you can improve it. With 36 workout programs and a top speed of 20km/min, it’s pretty much the same quality as a real gym. But if that’s a little bit out of your budget, the T2000 is a great alternative.

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