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How To Choose The Right Wax Burner For Your Home

The Right Wax Burner For Your Home

If you love wax melts, then you will of course also love wax burners, as without a quality and reliable wax burner you will not be able to enjoy those amazing fragrances and scents that a quality, handmade wax melt will produce.

Over the past 4 or 5 years the increased supply of wax burners has been huge, with more and more retailers both online and on the high street now stocking more designs, colours and sizes than you could have ever imagined before, which although is great for customers, does pose a problem when trying to choose the perfect wax burner for your home.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to how to find the right wax burner and how to make sure it really is the right choice for you.

Electric Or Tea Light

Generally, wax burners or wax warmers come in two different forms, electric or tea light candle, with one running from a power source and the other from tea light candles.

The electric ones run from a replaceable bulb that once turned on warms the wax up to melt it and release the fragrance. The tea light burners simply have a tea light candle inserted and this candle then warms and eventually melts the wax to release the fragrances.

Generally, tea light warmers tend to release a stronger fragrance, but with the electric ones you simply have to only replace the bulbs when they need replacing, meaning you don’t need to always have tea light candles in your home to enjoy your melts.

Luxury Or Budget

You can find wax burners to suit all budgets, ranging from the very cheap burners that might cost you less than £5, right the way up to handmade, luxury wax burners that can cost you £30 or more, so no matter whether you are shopping on a budget or you have money to burn, you can find something that really is affordable and suits your every budgeting need.

Most people tend to start with the cheaper burners to make sure that wax melts are for them, especially if switching from candles, and then expand their collection as time goes on, as wax burners can be amazing ornaments or statement pieces for your home when not in use, so you can really never have too many burners in your home …. Honestly!

Plain And Simple Or Modern And Different

Wax burners used to come in pretty basic shapes and colours, but now there are thousands of different designs, ranging from the really simple and traditional right the way through to most extravagant and luxury burners that almost make them more of a statement piece for your home than a wax burner.

You can get burners in all shapes and forms, and a range of colours that really will allow you to pick something that matches your current home design colours and scheme, or just something that really is so different that it will be the talking piece when people come round to visit you. We manufacturing getting more and more developed, you can now buy a burner that really matches your own design requirements, and we really couldn’t be happier that this is the case!

Wax burners don’t have to be boring.

Small Or Big

As we have mentioned, burners come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the small burners that are more suited to oil, through to really deep bowl and massive wax burners that really can hold their fair share of wax when you come to use them.

This means that if you want small, you can go for something quite small, but always make sure you start with a measured amount of wax until you really understand the true capacity of the burner, else you could end up with a waxy mess that is not only hard to clean up, but also potentially dangerous if it ends up near a candle flame.

The bigger burners allow you to melt more wax or oil, which often gives off a much more powerful throw, which is ideal for bigger rooms or hallways where you want the fragrance to really reach further.

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