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Ten Fashionable Jackets 

Ten Fashionable Jackets: Autumn returned to our lives again and declared its rights with rains and piercing wind. Lightweight windbreakers, accessories, and shorts went to the far shelf in the closet. The time has come to choose warm, comfortable, and most importantly beautiful, outerwear. The best solution to that problem is a fashionable women’s jacket.

you need to know the current trends in clothes for autumn-winter 2021-2022 to avoid confusion in the variety of models, styles, and textures and to look relevant,
In this article, we will talk about fashion trends for women’s jackets.

Trend number 1 – Jacket with slits on the sleeves

Designers have changed their approach to jackets, creating a unique product – a coat with slits on the sleeves.
Actual volume, neutral colors, and cuts – are for trendy looks.
This model offers us a style that merges with practicality.

If you opt for an elongated style of such a fashionable jacket, then you will not have a chance to freeze. Sleeves with slits, in turn, will attract the eyes of others.

This outerwear version is easy to be the most stylish in the fall-winter 2021-2022 season.

What to wear

A jacket with slits on the sleeves is versatile due to its simple, straight cut. It can be a great piece of clothing for every day.

Sports pants for a comfortable walk with a child, a tight pencil skirt for the office, and of course – favorite jeans for going to the cinema with friends are suitable. For such a model of outerwear, absolutely everything is appropriate.

Trend number 2 – jacket with curly stitching

In the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, the designers of fashion houses did not skimp on original solutions.
The quilted jacket familiar to us has also changed. This jacket will be a godsend for lovers of convenience and practicality.

Thanks to the stitches, the jacket’s filling is evenly distributed so that the product will keep warm even in cold weather.

Curly stitching will not leave anyone indifferent. It is enough to look at the models shown in the photo below.

Comfortable, bright, and attractive are the correct definitions for such a trend.

Fashionable jacket fall-winter 2021-2022 Lacoste

What to wear

With such a jacket in the fall 2021 season? This model will look especially attractive if you put together an outfit close to the color of the down jacket. If your jacket is a bold, bold hue, the rest of the firm can be in a neutral, muted palette of colors.

Trend number 3 – leather jacket in the style of minimalism

Regarding the issue of fashionable jackets for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, one cannot fail to mention the model of a women’s leather jacket. If it seems that leather jackets are incompatible with a business outfit and are only suitable for jeans, this is not so.

We are not talking about exceptionally bright and defiant versions of leather products with patches and fringes. On the contrary, if you choose a model in neutral colors, straight cut, and trendy colors: beige or, for example, milky, as in the photo example, you can create a perfect look for the office. Moreover, such a jacket allows the image to be collected and feminine at the same time.

Minimalism is the top trend in the winter 2021 season.

What to wear

This outerwear can wear with skirts and pantsuits to maximize elegance. Incredibly sophisticated, this jacket looks combined with a feminine blouse, creating a contrast between rigor and romance.

Trend number 4 – jacket-vest

A vest jacket is an excellent option for a fashionable jacket for fall 2021.

The difference in variations of such a product is striking. From elongated to short, from carefully insulated to thin and light, from sporty to sophisticated. You can select any of them to highlight your style. However, the lack of sleeves primarily affects the choice of clothing that you wear with the jacket.

What to wear

In the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, such a model will look advantageous, complete with a belt and high boots.

A combination of a knit dress and a long cardigan is perfect for those who do not need to part with dresses even in the cold season.

Trend number 5 – oversize denim jacket

An oversized denim jacket is an excellent example of a trendy fall-winter 2021-2022 jacket.

Oversize has taken over the fashion industry and has been trending for several seasons. Oversize in combination with a denim model, it emphasizes the freedom of style, adds relaxation. You look fashionable and attractive in it and give the impression that you did not try for this.

The model of a denim jacket of this cut is trendy because you can create countless fashionable looks without neglecting convenience if you have it.

What to Wear

These jackets will suit both a young girl and a mature, self-confident woman. But, of course, their first and foremost advantage is their versatility. But still, there is one condition that must take into account. If you have beautiful and curvaceous shapes and put on oversized outerwear, you should not wear it, chew it, volume, add a few unwanted kilograms, and make the whole look heavier.

Trend 6 – intricately tailored down jackets

One notable trend for fall-winter 2021-2022 jackets is the intricately tailored down jacket. Unusual models now occupy leading positions in fashion trends.
Asymmetrical cuts, a variety of sleeves, and collars. Lengths for every taste: from short jackets to long ones. Layering and various fastening options. If you liked one of these models, but you are worried it is challenging to find clothes, do not worry.
Surprisingly, such a product is combined with many things and turns even a familiar office outfit into a stylish business.

What to wear

At first look, it may seem that a sophisticated model of a women’s jacket for fall 2021 is challenging to combine with any garment. However, it is not. Instead, it is she who can become the central element of your image, in harmony with simple, plain clothes.
Straight trousers or a tight dress with actual boots, and your image will attract all the attention of others.

Trend number 7 – bomber

If you are still wondering what kind of jacket will be in fashion, you should pay attention to the bomber jacket.
Bomber – won the love of young people, thanks to the now popular volume and the fact that it belongs to a more sporty style than a business one. However, this model isn’t just for teenagers.

The bomber originated exclusively as a man’s thing, and precisely due to this cut, became an indispensable piece of clothing for every fashionista. With such a product, it is not difficult to create topical and dizzying images.


What to wear

A bomber jacket is rough, so it looks great when paired with feminine clothing like flowy maxi dresses or pleated skirts.
And of course, a bomber jacket is used for its intended purpose, worn with jeans and warm sweatpants, going to the park for a walk.

Trend number 8 – an elongated straight cut down jacket

The top fashionable jackets for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season include an elongated straight-cut down jacket.
Probably, It is the most famous model of fashionable outerwear. Indeed, you will not feel the autumn cold snap and winter frosts due to its length. Straight cut lengthens the figure and visually stretches the silhouette.

Trend number 9 – short leather down jacket

Leather outerwear is an incredibly fashionable and relevant decision when choosing a women’s jacket for autumn 2021. Such a jacket is not only beautiful and stylish but also very warm. Due to its material, the down jacket is quite resistant to bad weather. It can wear at a reasonably low temperature.

What to wear

A leather down jacket will look great even in combination with a dress. It is enough to pick up tight tights and “rough” and heavy boots.

Trend number 10 – double-breasted down jacket

This model of a double-breasted fashionable jacket is quite voluminous and with a large collar that goes into the hood. It is a very cozy piece of clothing that will become indispensable in autumn and winter.
It may seem that long down jackets and elegance are incompatible concepts. However, this model can become an excellent replacement for a coat and make your autumn look sophisticated.

What to wear

A leather down jacket will look great even in combination with a dress. It is enough to pick up tight tights and “rough” and heavy boots.

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