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Swimming Smartwatch 2024

Swimming Smartwatch 2021: the 10 Best for Swimming in the Pool and at the Sea
The ten best Smartwatches for Swimming

Smartwatch for underwater swimming

Smartwatches are among the most purchased watches of the moment. They are light, easy to wear and operate and allow you to perform many functions directly from your wrist. The spread of smartwatches is excellent, but indeed those who can derive greater satisfaction from this type of accessory practice physical activity regularly and want to monitor their performance.

Thanks to the parameters that can detect via a smartwatch, it is possible to understand one’s fitness, identify any critical issues on which to intervene and appreciate the margins for improvement.

The smartwatch can monitor calories burned, temperature, beats. Not only that, many smartwatches have the pulse oximeter, sphygmomanometer, and pedometer function. These “smartwatches” are also real diaries, act as calendars, reminders, show the weather and – the most advanced models – also make phone calls, track the smartphone through Gps, allow you to pay online and much more.

There are smartwatches suitable for practically every type of sport; just as there are smartwatches for those who run, there are models for those who swim. Those who get used to using it hardly go back and become indispensable accessories for swimming.

By choosing among the smartwatches for swimming, that is, among the smartwatches that do not damage themselves in an underwater environment, it is possible to program your workouts, modify the sessions to obtain better results.

Moreover, these water-resistant smartwatches can be used for all water sports activities and at sea or in the pool in moments of leisure because they do not risk damage.

Swimming Smartwatch: Features

What features should the swimming smartwatch have? In addition to resistance to immersion in water (because it is not enough for the smartwatch to be simply waterproof), a swimming smartwatch should have:

Pace monitoring

Style detection

Stroke count

Detection of the distance travelled

GPS (for open water swimming)

Personalized workouts

SWOLF index for swimming efficiency

Underwater heart rate monitoring

It does not mean that there should be only these functions. A smartwatch for swimming can also have other parameters and be usable even if we practice different sports. Because of these numerous features, the cost of smartwatches for swimming is relatively high, and there are cheaper versions that provide fewer functions. Starting from these assumptions, we have analyzed some swimming watches, trying to understand the best smartwatches based on Amazon reviews.

Smartwatch for Sea and Open Waters

In the summer, some replace training in the pool with one in the sea, or perhaps practise swimming in open water or, again, preparing for triathlon competitions. Often, one of the competition fractions is swimming in open water.

Here, more than ever, a waterproof smartwatch with bags like Gucci Bags suitable for open waters is needed in these cases, which becomes an indispensable accessory as much as a good quality swimming suit.

Therefore, it is better to aim for high-quality models that can resist even in-depth. And have a genuinely reliable instrument on the wrist that provides us with correct data.

For open water swimming, it is a good idea to buy a fitness tracker with GPS for added safety and review the paths chosen from time to time to train.

Garmin Swim 2

As the name suggests, this smartwatch is designed especially for those who practice swimming. It monitors the heartbeat through the wrist, equips with an accelerometer and functions dedicated to swimming. Moreover, it is perfect for those swimming in open water because it has the OPEN WATER mode with GPS. Not only that, it takes into account the moments of rest without the need to click any command. Furthermore, it detects the distance travelled, has a SWOLF index and counts strokes.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

Garmin vivoactive 3 Music is a Garmin smartwatch great for diving without risk. It equips with GPS and 20 preloaded sport profiles, 4GB of internal memory for music. And integrated Side-Swipe technology to change pages by touching the case.

It is a high-quality model that monitors fitness, creates and downloads new cardio and strength workouts.And allows you to receive push notifications for SMS, calls, or emails directly from your smartphone.

In addition, it is compatible with the Garmin Pay contactless function to pay now from the smartwatch without having a credit card or smartphone. And, an aspect that interests us most is 5ATM waterproof; its battery lasts up to 8 days.

Users who have purchased it have found it comfortable, light, and excellent performance—packed with many features, ideal for athletes and more. Excellent swimming skills.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music – GPS smartwatch with internal memory for your music tracks and sport profiles, Unisex Adult, Black
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music – GPS smartwatch with internal memory for your music tracks and sport profiles, Unisex Adult, Black

The HONOR MagicWatch smartwatch is also perfect for training at sea. With 5ATM water resistance and TruseenTM 3.5, the fitness tracker allows you to track swimming performance data such as heart rate, SWOLF, distance, calorie burn and speed underwater.

Among its features also heart rate monitoring, the ability to answer incoming calls and music playback when the watch connects to the mobile via Bluetooth.

Pool Swimming Smartwatch

Now let’s talk about smartwatches suitable for inland waters, otherwise known as swimming pools. Waterproof smartwatches are suitable only for specific depths and designed for those who practice swimming or other water sports in the tub.

Models that ensure excellent performance, monitoring physical activity, allowing you to receive notifications from your smartphone .And ensuring maximum efficiency even when wet.

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