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Slow Beauty  Definition its products, Hair ,and face masks

What Is Slow Beauty?

The slow beauty trend combines several market trends into one movement. What they consider is how you think, buy and use beauty products.

And what ingredients they use, and that veganism and cleanliness become almost hygienic factors

Though ‘Slow Beauty’ may sound like the name of a retired racing horse, it’s a flourishing lifestyle trend that’s all about adopting a natural and holistic approach to taking good care of yourself.

What Is Slow Beauty

Pillars of Health

Slow beauty considers all areas of your life and is not just about skincare, but more so about overall well-being.Getting a good night’s sleep and ensuring your body is getting a nutritious, balanced diet are both parts of what slow beauty is because, at its core, slow beauty is a lifestyle choice.

About Slow Beauty Products

Slow beauty also takes into account the environment and promotes sustainability across all aspects of production. It raises questions about where the ingredients come from and their overall impact on the world around us. Even the packaging itself must reflect the same ideology and support sustainability. All these factors combine to promote the slow beauty movement.

The easiest first step on your slow beauty journey is to seek out natural and, better yet, organic products to provide your skin with the purest ingredients. Plant extracts and natural oils are things to look out for in skincare. Nature has done a fantastic job in taking care of us.


Slow beauty advocates the necessary relief, not only for the parts of the face but also because your whole body deserves it! slowing down the step of life and giving yourself to a slow weekend – that is, two days (or at least one!) Of total relaxation and complete regeneration.

There is nothing that rejuvenates better than rest. Therefore, after a whole week of running, I command you to slow down. You and your complexion, body, and hair will feel the difference.

Once you learn about this trend, do a hygge cure on your hair and skin. I hope you will find my home care ideas with masks and hair treatments proper!

1. Hair Must Be Strong And Beautiful – Aloe and Avocado Hair Mask

The most important thing about the Mask that I will tell you is that you can rub on directly to the scalp. You can make it in two ways: mixing all the ingredients with your favorite natural oil or treating your hair with the oil-free Mask (keep the Mask 20-40 minutes) and following with the regular hair oil treatment in the evening or another day. The hair mask helps make the hair strong, regenerates the scalp, gives moisture and shine to the strands, and helps strengthen the volume of the hair.


Half a banana,

Half an avocado,

A few drops of your favorite oil,

About two tablespoons of natural yogurt.

Mix the ingredients. Remember that the fruits must smash to obtain a smooth mass. Once the Mask is ready, I leave it on for 20-40 minutes, rinse and wash my hair.

2. The Face Must be Relaxed and Fresh – Relaxing and Regenerating Mask

Sure, bananas and natural front oils rule this weekend. The face mask helps to nourish the skin, restore a healthy glow, and tone the tired complexion.

Different effects are produced depending on the oils used.  For example, argan Hair oil provides a refreshing action, while jojoba oil soothing and balances sebum production. Aloe juice is mainly helpful for people who have skin problems. For this reason, this ingredient is not mandatory; you can use it optionally.


half a banana,

One tablespoon of cocoa,

Add a few drops of jojoba oil.

One half of a teaspoon of aloe juice (optional),

Mix the ingredients until it becomes smooth mass. Spread over on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water afterward. Finish with your favorite face cream.

3. The Pores of the Skin Must Remain Invisible – Home Pads Cleansing

Instead of using ready-made charcoal tablets, you can make your lozenges to cleanse skin pores and remove blackheads. Before performing the treatment, I take a steam bath to open the skin’s pores when it comes to me.

I placed a spoonful of chamomile in a bowl, protected with boiling water, located a towel on my head, and leaned against the bowl. The towel makes it tougher to break out from the steam. Thanks to this system, my face takes a sauna.


Once my face is ready, I reach for a spatula to apply a beaten egg to the skin, and I can put the moist tissues on my face, let them act for two hours to let the pads dry. It is possible to cut the fabrics beforehand to shape them to fit the particular face parts that you want to leave without blackheads.

And the last tip regarding your weekend of rest: rest! While the masks are applied, look for a good book, watch a movie, listen to music, make aromatic tea and enjoy the moments dedicated to you. Once the weekend is over, you can return to your daily activities with positive energy, vim, and vigor. And you will be beautiful!


Slow Beauty is an effort for those of us who are attentive in setting limits for the 24/7 lifestyle, a life that makes us race against time. This move is a reminder with some guidance to help you slow down now and then and breathe. In this hyper-connected and fast-moving world, more sustainable ways of life have never been more critical in all facets of life. Without it, we’re flirting with burnout as we’ve never seen it before.

BE beautiful, BE healthy and BE positive. ❤

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