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Why Do You Need an Indoor Cycling App?

Indoor Cycling App

Do you enjoy cycling from your home? We all know that cycling is an easy but effective exercise for quick weight loss and better health. However, not many people understand that cycling indoors is an often lonely and tiring form of workout. In spite of the lonely nature of the workout, many people prefer to do it from their home as it is easier.

There is no need to spend extra time travelling to and fro. Similarly, you don’t need any costly memberships. However, if you want to continue this healthy habit, then it is advisable that you get yourself an Indoor cycling app.

There are many apps in the market that provide similar services and features but the best among the roster is Vingo. It is a well rounded app that provides the best of all worlds.

Continuous Fitness & Activity Tracking

Today there are many fitness watches and gadgets that can continuously monitor your activity but do you need a special app that can track your cycling activity? If you think it is not required, you are in for a surprise. While most gadgets and watches can track your activity accurately, these devices can also get your activity wrong.

However, when you track your cycling on the cycle instead of your watch, you will get accurate results. Vingo can be easily connected with your cycle through the use of ANT+ sensors.

ANT+ sensors are readily available in local stores or on ecommerce platforms.

Enhanced Cycling Experience

Imagine cycling inside the four walls of your room. It can be depressing and lonely. Now imagine riding your bicycle along with your friends on a picturesque road near a beach or maybe a hill station. Which one do you prefer?

Well, most people prefer the second one. With Vingo, it is very much possible to experience the second one, even while staying inside the four walls of your home.

Vingo comes with a virtual reality experience. So, when you ride your cycle you will see and experience virtual reality by entering the world of Vingo. Now, your Indoor cycling has turned into a wonderful trip of exploration.

What is more exciting is the fact that you can even take your friends and family on your trip. All of you can be virtually connected through Vingo. In fact, another exciting feature of the app is that you can also take your dog with you on cycling trips.

Personalised Avatar & Social Connectivity

Humans by nature are social animals and we all want to be unique in our own ways. That is why at Vingo, we have the option of creating your personal avatar in the app. All that you need to do is to upload your photo on the app and your avatar is automatically generated. If you are not happy with the result, you can tweak the settings and build your perfect avatar.

Another aspect of the app is that you can easily connect with your social media friends and challenge them for a race of online cycling.

So, start your cycling journey with Vingo today.

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