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What is Health E Messaging

Health E Messaging

It is simple to contact Student Health and Counseling Services! Health-e-Messaging is a service that provides various online options to help you better communicate with your medical and mental health providers and other SHCS staff. It is a safe and private way to discuss your non-urgent healthcare and mental health needs.

You Can Make Use Of E-Health Messaging To:

  • Follow up on your visit by contacting your provider.
  • Schedule COVID-19 examination
  • Request sexual health services such as:
  • HIV/STI testing
  • Appointments for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)
  • Birth control pills
  • Screening for Cervical Cancer (i.e., Pap test)
  • Refill your prescription
  • Fill out your online Medical History form.
  • Pre-appointment visit questionnaires must remain completed.
  • View or cancel your upcoming appointments.
  • Obtain your lab results
  • View and print your vaccination records
  • Inquire about medical entrance requirements and Hepatitis B vaccinations.
  • Inquire about your insurance referral.
  • Request the release of medical records for an outside provider.
  • Billing statements can be viewed and printed.
  • View previous visits’ provider notes (on or after July 1, 2021)

Health E Messaging

The Health-e-Messaging service allows you to communicate with our office at your leisure. You’ll be capable of communicate with us from everywhere with the aid of logging in together with your UC Davis login and Kerberos passphrase. You will shop time via fending off unnecessary workplace visits and might be able to manage your care greater correctly.

Health E Messaging

Student Health and Counseling Services are easily accessible via Health-e-Messaging! Health-e-Messaging is an online communication service that allows you to communicate with your medical and mental health providers and other SHCS staff members. Use this method to securely and confidentially discuss non-urgent healthcare and mental health needs.

You can communicate with our office whenever it is convenient for you by using Health-e-Messaging. But, You can contact us from anywhere by logging into our site and using your UC Davis login and Kerberos passphrase. You will save time and manage your care more effectively if you avoid non-urgent office visits. Anyone with a HeM login and password can view more detailed information, such as appointment dates, lab results, and message history with your providers.

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

  • Your culture and life experiences usually have an impact on you.
  • Self-defined and dynamic
  • It’s not just a lack of illness or stress. Despite these obstacles in your life, you can pursue wellness.

But, To truly flourish, you do not need to achieve a perfect balance across all dimensions of wellness. Instead, the goal is to discover what works best for you. Given how interconnected the measurements are, it’s not surprising that most topics (such as stress, finances, healthy relationships, substance use, and so on) influence multiple dimensions.

How to Make a Health Appointment Appointment via E-Messaging

  • Telehealth Service Appointments
  • In-Person Appointments
  • Services without an appointment

Here Are Some Pointers To Consider As You Prepare For Your Appointment:

Although, We now offer full-service telehealth appointments! It will be able to assist you regardless of where you are in the world. We can provide the following services:

  • Taking care of the most common types of health problems
  • Prescriptions and orders for lab tests
  • As well as referrals to local specialists
  • Consultations with gynecologists
  • For the most up-to-date information, consult our current in-person and virtual assistants list.

At, go to Health e-Messenger and select “Appointments” from the drop-down menu. Medical services at the Student Health Center incur additional costs. These rules do not apply to CAPS or UCSC Psychiatry.

  • CruzCare UC SHIP: naught $40 to $75
  • Private health insurance costs between $66 and 155 per month.

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