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Getting Up Early In The Morning: Benefits

Getting Up Early Benefits

How to Inspire Yourself to Wake up Early

People fall into two categories: those who like to stay up late and wake up as late as possible and those who are already super energetic at the first light of the morning.

For the former, it is probably impossible to see them, but waking up early in the morning brings many benefits. These are the most important.

You have more Time for Yourself

Especially if you don’t live alone, waking up early in the morning allows you to have a few minutes to devote exclusively to yourself, to relax or do things undisturbed that then during the day, with the commitments that follow one another, it becomes impossible to accomplish.

For example, you can calmly read the latest news, listen to a podcast or enjoy the house’s silence.

Plus, waking up early in the morning allows you to get ready and enjoy a hearty breakfast instead of just grabbing a quick coffee. Starting the day with a nutritious meal is super important and can make you feel full longer and more energy for the day ahead.

You can Train – Getting Up Early Benefits

Doing physical activity is essential to keep the body and mind healthy, but the time available to devote to fitness is often lacking.

However, by getting up early in the morning, it is possible to carve out half an hour every day to train.

In addition, doing it first as soon as you wake up keeps away the temptation to skip workouts due to work, social commitments, or fatigue.

Furthermore, working outputs endorphins into circulation, which, by stimulating a good mood, help to start the day positively, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase energy levels.

Less Time Spent in Traffic

Leaving the house earlier than most people can help beat everyone on time.And avoid getting stuck in the typical rush hour traffic.

In this way, in addition to saving time and money, health and well-being are also preserved. According to research, spending many hours a week in traffic would increase developing depression, aggression, anger and respiratory problems.

You Sleep Better

According to recent research, people who wake early tend to go to bed earlier and enjoy longer, better quality sleep. Therefore, sleeping well is very important and generates other benefits such as improved mood, more remarkable ability to concentrate.

And less likely to develop obesity and other chronic diseases.

On the other hand, poor sleep quality can weaken the immune system.

Increase the chances of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, negatively affect sex drive, and decrease productivity.

The Skin is Healthier

Constantly staying up into the small hours, over time, can cause signs of fatigue to appear on the skin,

i.e. fine lines, wrinkles, paleness, swollen or droopy eyelids and dark circles. In addition, sleep deprivation can also contribute to the onset of acne.

On the other hand, good sleep helps keep the skin healthy and glowing because while you rest.

The skin cells regenerate and the nocturnal increase in blood flow and collagen production help repair environmental and UV damage.

It is more Focused

The brain does not wake up the moment you open your eyes.

And this is why you almost always feel groggy in the minutes after waking up.

If you wake up close to the moment you have to start working.

It may therefore be not easy to concentrate for the first hour.

While if you have been awake for some time, your ability to concentrate will already be high.

How to Motivate Yourself to Wake up Early

If the alarm is usually a nightmare, but you want to try to get up early in the morning, you can put in place some strategies.

Gradually anticipate the alarm time, setting it 15 minutes earlier each day for a week, until you reach the desired time.
You are finding motivation by using the extra time to do something that makes you happy,

like doing a chore earlier so you can finish the workday in time to hang out with friends or enjoy a yoga session you never have time for.

You are leaving the bedroom as soon as you wake up because lingering in the place of rest can tempt you to go back to sleep.

Avoid exposing yourself to the blue light of electronic devices at least a couple of hours before going to bed. Since, in this manner, your mind gets used to relaxing, and you can fall asleep sooner and better.
Indulge in a few snags and the ability to stay in bed a little longer occasionally, like when you’re sick or late the night before.

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