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Aesthetic Facial laser

Aesthatic facial laser:Among the various aesthetic medicine treatments, the laser for aesthetic purposes of the face makes it possible to correct wrinkles, spots or tighten the skin. These lasers work by “peeling” by rubbing the surface layers of the skin.

Definition and purpose of the aesthetic facial Laser

Definition of Laser

The laser stands for Light Amplified by Stimulation Emission of Radiation. Laser resurfacing is known as laser peel and laser vaporization, is very new and very popular. It is against facial wrinkles.

The laser is a treatment that allows abrasion of the skin by thermal action. Therefore, we distinguish it from peeling, which performs chemical abrasion of the skin.

Objectives of cosmetic laser treatment of the face

Smoothing of the look and correction of superficial wrinkles: The palpebral, labial, frontal, and chin regions are the most commonly affected.
Correction of deep wrinkles by breaking the skin under the sun

Removal of facial spots

corr of facial scars: “depressed” scars, acne scars.

tightening of the skin by pulling impact, equivalent to that of peeling

What are lasers used to treat the face, especially wrinkles?

Most effective aesthetic laser treatments

ultra-pulsed or scanned CO2 lasers

Erbium lasers

These treatments are as effective as they are heavy because a controlled burn strips the skin’s surface. In this case, the skin rebuilt.

However, it takes a fortnight, sometimes more, to recover from regular activity.

Photo-rejuvenation lasers have an effortless, essentially epidermal action. They are much less aggressive than CO2 lasers / Erbium lasers, but their effect is more negligible.

They do not cause any noticeable complications. And do not require any anesthesia, no social exclusion. It boost radiance and act on the complexion by producing a refreshing effect and a step on excellent lines. However, they do not treat deep wrinkles.

How does the Laser work to treat facial wrinkles?

Laser treatment under computer control

The laser beam acts by ending, by controlled photo vaporization, the superficial layer of the skin, that is to say, the epidermis, and can go as far as the superficial dermis, depending on the desired goal: it is a burn controlled by a central computer!

The depth of the vaporization controls by the number of passes of the laser beam, the energy emitted, its density. Therefore, it depends on the size of the defect to be corrected, the area to be treated, the quality of the skin, and the desired goal.

Healing after passing the laser

The destroyed surface layer then regenerates thanks to natural healing phenomena from the cells in the dermis and the hairs and sebaceous glands: reepidermization.

However, during this phase, the skin remains fragile.

This restoration of the skin’s surface will create a smoother appearance: it is a smoothing that has the virtue of erasing, more or less, the imperfections that one wishes to treat.

In addition, dermo-epidermal healing will occur with a specific retraction of the cutaneous skin, a natural “skin tightening” effect, variable and more or less critical depending on the case.

Result of cosmetic laser treatment of the face

After several months, the final result shows smoother skin, having benefited from a tightening effect, with an epidermis of average thickness.

The goal of these treatments is to improve oneself, not to achieve perfection. However, if your wishes are true, you should be pleased with the result.

In case of treatment with CO2 or Erbium Laser: desocialization two weeks. Goal spectacular result. The final result is obtaines at two months. The effect lasts between 3 and 5 years, depending on the quality of the skin.

The result is obtained from the 3rd session (on average, five sessions spaced one month apart are necessary).

What Treatments Combine with Facial laser?

The laser is a treatment of the cutaneous surface which can, of course, be associates with the techniques of treatment of the cutaneous relaxation linked to aging, such as lifting, blepharoplasty. Moreover, it combines with other procedures such as injections of fillers or botulinum toxin.

Where does the laser treatment take place?

We perform all our laser procedures in a specialized laser clinic.

The Interest is Multiple:

latest generation lasers, thanks to the pooling of machines between surgeons

Multiple choice of laser adapted to each patient

Maintenance and optimal safety of lasers, under the responsibility of the clinic

 Aesthetic facial laser treatment session carried out by

We have summarized the process in a practical sheet on the laser.

Before the intervention:

Skin cleansing, fruit acid or vitamin to acid creams, antibiotic coverage, anti-herpetic coverage during the 2 or 3 weeks preceding the CO2 or Erbium laser.
No care in case of photo-rejuvenation


1.Under local,


3.general, or neuroleptanalgesia anesthesia.

4.Photo-rejuvenation does not require anesthesia.

The laser session

Cleaning and disinfection of the skin. Installation of sterile drapes

Safety Instructions:

Protection of the patient’s eyes, hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows, teeth (wet compresses)
Protection of the eyes of the operator and all persons in the room (glasses),

Laser Abrasion :

It is complete through a computerized hand piece. The surgeon directs the laser beam on the area to treat; the laser spot, the size, and shape of which the operator chooses vaporize the skin surface: it is a photo-vaporization, that is to say, a thermal abrasion.

The control of the vaporization depth is computerized: it carries out by varying the emitted energy, its fluency, the density of the laser spot, and the number of passes.

This depth depends on the size of the defect to be correct, the area to be treat, the quality of the skin, and the desired goal.

Therefore, it assesses the dermal contraction after each passage, which allows the parameters to be possibly modified if the surgeon decides on additional courses.

End of the laser Session

In a CO2 or Erbium laser, the end of the laser-abrasion sees the dermis visible, leading to bleeding this dermis need then be cover and protected:

Either by a closed dressing, dry or greasy, to be redone every day because of the heavy oozing.

Or by an open dressing that consists of applying vaseline fatty substance to be repeated several times daily.
In the case of photo-rejuvenation, the skin is slightly pinkish, and no dressing is necessary.

Follow-up after cosmetic laser treatment of the face

In the case of photo-rejuvenation

No social exclusion.
Only a few redness in the hours following the treatment may appear, but they disappear quickly, generally during the night following the session.

In the case of Erbium laser Treatment

Immediately after treatment, abrasion bares the dermis: this leads to redness, edema, and oozing.
Obtained in 10 to 15 days, requires social exclusion.

Appropriate makeup and sun protection recommend from the 10th day to erythema of varying intensity (red or pinkish appearance of the skin treated for 1 to 2 months, or even more, which is not a complication, but a complication continuation normal).

The skin can be uncomfortable, dry, fragile, irritable, and intolerant for many weeks to usual beauty products. Rashes by redness and heat can occur for a few months.

Regarding exposure to the sun, avoidance is optional for six months and protection by total screen creams.

This period of follow-up is sometimes tricky, on the psychological level, for the patient: your practitioner is present to help you and advise you on the occasion of the consultations that follow the act and are necessary to carry out the healing.

Risks of cosmetic laser Treatment of the face

Although carried out for aesthetic reasons, abrasion of the face by laser nonetheless constitutes a cutaneous, epidermal, and dermal attack, which involves the risks associated with any medico-surgical act.

Fortunately, real complications are rare following a correctly performed laser abrasion. Most of these treatments go without any problems, and the patients delighted with their results

However, and despite their rarity, you should still be aware of the possible complications:

Herpes: antiviral treatment prescribed before and in the days that follow,

1.Microbial infection,

2.Acne breakout,

3.Milium seeds (small white cysts),

4.Hyper-pigmentation (especially on dark skin), early and almost always transient, is often the result of previous exposure to the sun.

5. Hypopigmentation, often definitive, appears more rarely and late.

6. Persistent redness,

7.Healing disorders and hypertrophic scars are possible but unusual. They testify to too deep destruction, scratching, non-compliance with the fragile re-epidermis at the start of healing, an infection treats poorly.

8.Allergy: products used for disinfecting the skin or for care can also cause an allergy; it is, therefore, essential to consider all the allergies that the patient has had during his life.

9.Pain: During the first days, a diffuse sensation of heat or burning in the treated area. The doctor will make a prescription for analgesics.

Preliminary result:

The importance of the defect to be correct: in these cases, your surgeon will warn you of the interest of a new treatment after a minimum of one year.

Therefore, damage to an organ by the laser beam: protection of the patient (corneal protector and eye drops, wet compress in the mouth.)

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