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Epiphany Wellness and Rehab Center

Epiphany Wellness 

Information about Epiphany Wellness

Epiphany Wellness is a cutting-edge outpatient substance abuse treatment program in Blackwood, New Jersey. Every client who enters our program receives personalized solutions from our expert, evidence-based program.

Our mission is to provide ethical, individualized care to people suffering from substance abuse disorders so they can live happy and free life for the rest of their lives.

When seeking treatment for substance abuse, our program aims to provide individualized treatment plans that offer unique therapies to each client based on their needs. Our expert staff has years of experience using modern, traditional, holistic, and evidence-based therapies to help others overcome the disease of addiction.

A Treatment Center That Cares

Epiphany Wellness is now to help. Our package remains dedicated to providing each client with the therapies and tools needed to treat substance abuse and provide a path to long-term recovery from substance abuse. In addition, our outpatient program offers long-term care that encourages clients to reintegrate into society as they complete each level of care.

A Treatment Center That Cares

When choosing a drug & alcohol rehab center in New Jersey, Epiphany Wellness is here to provide you with a transparent and truthful cure.

Reinventing How We Treat Addiction

Epiphany Wellness offers state-of-the-art, individualized treatment for substance abuse, including:

  • Relapse Prevention Education
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy & Workshops

CEO – Ryan Hetrick

“I believe that difficulties make life interesting, but overcoming difficulties makes life meaningful.”Ryan is the co-founder and President of Epiphany Wellness. He has worked in the Behavioral Health industry for over five years, specializing in Outreach and Business Development. Ryan leads the way as an executive in the treatment industry due to his expertise, experience, and ability to relate to those suffering from Substance Use Disorder. Ryan takes pride in his journey, as he is in long-term recovery. However, he still believes helping others is the key to recovery success.

Ryan’s goal is to create an atmosphere that will motivate his staff to serve those suffering from SUD and assist clients in getting back on track. They stood meant for a life of happiness and health. Ryan draws on his previous experiences to help him shape the future of Epiphany Wellness. He believes in implementing current clinical strategies and performance indicators to provide our clients with the best possible care, ultimately leading to Epiphany Wellness’s success.

Clinical Director – Lindsie Brown LMHC, LPC, CCS

Lindsie has been in the element abuse treatment and mental health industry for the last 12 years. He started her career in Florida, has since moved to New Jersey, and is currently residing there with her husband.

Lindsie is now a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida, Indiana, and Tennessee. He is also a Certified Clinical Supervisor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Lindsie has a strong desire to help others, which is why she became a therapist in the first place. Lindsie enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and dog Rigby when she is not working.

Clinical Program Director – Justin Taylor MSW, LSW, LCADC, CCTP

“The opposite of addiction is connection” -Johann Hari

Justin Taylor has joined the team as the Clinical Program Director. Before entering the substance use treatment field, he witnessed the impact of drugs and alcohol while working as a crisis response worker in Camden County and the inner city of the Philadelphia school system. Although, This is where he saw the direct and indirect effects of substance abuse, and it was at that point, that he decided to devote his life to helping those in need. Since then, Justin has remained blessed to help those suffering from substance abuse disorders recover in ways that may appear hopeless initially. He also earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work, specializing in addictions, so that he could better himself and his skills in dealing with the problem individuals in the field needs

He devotes his free time to his wife, Nichole, their son, Jack, and their two rescue dogs, Leo and Linus. Justin and his family enjoy spending time outside, on the water, and at the gym.

Medical Director – Norman Chazin, M.D.

Dr. Chazin has over 20 years of experience as a board-certified psychiatrist. He received his medical degree from Tufts University and completed his residency at Maine Medical Center. He is an associate of the American Psychiatric Association.

And the American Society of Addiction Medicine is Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry. But, He is also a member of the National Caucus for College Mental Health. Dr. Chazin has seen hundreds of substance abuse patients over the years. His Psychiatric knowledge and experience with mental health disorders have been invaluable in understanding and treating substance abuse and dependence.


Epiphany Wellness is a cutting-edge alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in Blackwood, New Jersey. PHP is available through our expert-led, evidence-based program. The Wellness is a brand-new, advanced drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility in Blackwood, New Jersey, just outside Cherry Hill.

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