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Enzyme Scrub: We show you what it is and what its benefits are

Enzyme Scrub

Exfoliation is one more routine in your care if you want to show off healthy and beautiful skin. However, not all will tolerate the dragging action of coarse-grained or highly abrasive scrubs.

If your skin is sensitive or very sensitive, you should resort to an enzymatic scrub.

Enzyme Scrub: We show you what it is and what its Benefits are

In the following few lines, we will show you the benefits of enzymatic peeling, the secret of its effectiveness, and how you should apply and complement it.

We want you to show off your skin. For this reason, we will suggest five proposals that will inspire you when you get yours, whether in lotion, cream-mask, or powder format.

What is an Enzymatic Scrub ?

Exfoliants can be classified into physical, chemical, and enzymatic.

The former is the most effective and eliminates impurities using the thickness of the grain.

The chemicals are less abrasive and act through their ingredients’ natural acids (alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids).

Enzyme scrubs, meanwhile, offer professional results without causing any irritation or drying.

They are made with plant enzymes, mainly from fruits, aloe vera, or vegetable ferments.

They carry out a much gentler cleaning but with the same benefits as their companions.

When they contact the dermis, they detect dead cells in the intercellular cementum and work to undo their bonds to detach them from the skin.

Its life cycle has already concluded, and, therefore, its presence restricts the oxygenation and nutrition capacity of your skin.

In turn, enzymes promote the proteolytic or assimilation action of proteins. They digest impurities without irritating or unbalancing the composition of the stratum corneum.

Through vasodilation, they activate blood microcirculation, which translates into an illuminating effect on the skin.

If your skin is sensitive and the peels you’ve tried so far have given you a breakout, blemishes, clogged pores, or an uncomfortable feeling of tightness, an enzymatic peel may be the solution.

It will provide you with the deep cleaning you are looking for and add new benefits that you will soon appreciate in the quality and tone of your skin.

Benefits of Opting for a Plant Enzyme Scrub

The action on several fronts of these enzymes provides numerous benefits that we compile here for you:

They do not damage living cells that can continue their skin protection activity.
They do not cause irritation or redness in the area of application.
Dryness and pimples and pimples, a consequence of an excess of sebum, have no place after regular application.

Being a gentle and safe exfoliation modality, you can use it several times a week, preferably at night, to enhance its holistic work (cleaning, regeneration, and moisturizing).
The skin appears more luminous and uniform by dispensing with the intercellular cement. But, on the other hand, it prevents oxygenation and optimal nutrition. The latter aspect in which the stimulation of blood flow has a lot to do with it.

How should I Apply it?

Unlike other exfoliants with which you will have to perform a light massage in ascending circular movements, with the enzymatic ones, it will be enough for you to apply a thick layer and leave it to act for about 15 minutes.

After that time, when you wash with warm water to remove the product, the enzymes activate.

It is not advisable to use them daily because you could alter your skin’s metabolism. However, you can use it up to a maximum of 2 days per week.

If you do it at night, you will promote cell regeneration. Then, in the morning, your epidermis will look hydrated and smooth.

Post Exfoliation care

Enzymatic exfoliation requires you to finish your facial or body care routine with a serum and a moisturizer despite its profound and complete action.

In the case of the face, being susceptible skin requires an additional dose of nutrients. Serums have a high concentration of them, so they are perfect.

And every routine should end with extra hydration, so do not skip the cream since the serum alone will not provide you with the necessary moisture.

We hope that the information we have provided you in these lines has been of interest to you.

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