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Dolores Madrigal – Background, Powers, Voice, And Many More.

Dolores Madrigal is a individual within the 2021 Disney lively characteristic film Encanto. She is the eldest toddler and handiest daughter of Pepa and Félix Madrigal and the older sister of Camilo and Antonio. She turned into described as Isabel’s shadow and remained gifted with higher listening to.

The background story of Dolores

One of the Madrigal family, Dolores, is Félix and Pepa’s eldest daughter—the older sister of Camilo and Antonio. In addition to being the niece of Juliet, Bruno, and Agustín, Dolores is also the cousin of Isabela and Mirabel.

Dolores lived in a nursery with her cousins ​​Isabela, who is only a week older than her, and Luisa, who is two years younger. While Bruno was still with the family, Dolores apparently received a vision from her uncle, who told her that the “man of her dreams” would be out of her grasp because he would be engaged to someone else, causing great fear to haunt her over the years.

When Isabel was five and received her magical gift, she moved into her own room, and Dolores stayed in the nursery with Luisa until her fifth birthday a little later. On her fifth birthday, Dolores has rewarded the gift of enhanced hearing and moved from the nursery to her new room.

Dolores is privy to everyone in the family and “knows everyone’s dirt,” thanks to her enhanced hearing, but she’s always quiet and doesn’t seem like much of a gossip. She has difficulty keeping the secrets she can hear with her gift and has to cover her ears whenever she hears too loud.

Despite her uncle’s negative opinion, when she was young, Dolores listened to Mariano Guzmán and learned more and more about him until she fell in love with Mariano.

After Casita falls, Dolores, with Mirabel’s help, finally admits her true feelings for him, which he reciprocates, much to Mirabel and Isabela’s delight. Dolores also admits that unlike the rest of her family and the villagers of Encanto, she knew that Bruno was still living in the Casita when she heard him every day.


Like the rest of the Madrigal family, Dolores remained designed to reflect “family archetypes that are immediately relatable”. The studio originally created Dolores with the ability to heal people with food, but this power remained instead given to Julia due to her motherly personality. One of the most challenging things about designing Dolores was her appearance. The studio focused mainly on styling Dolores’ hair during the creation process. At the same time, her clothing remain influenced by Félix’s Caribbean heritage, in a loose blouse and skirt with red highlights, inspired by cumbian dresses.


American urban reggaeton singer Addasa remained chosen to voice the character of Dolores. Despite this being Adassa’s first big screen role, she has years of experience in the music industry and has remained dubbed the “Princess of Reggaetón,” thanks to her ability to sing in English and Spanish.

It was not difficult for the singer-songwriter to adapt to the cast of Encanto and make his debut with Disney. On the day of recording her lines for “We don’t talk about Bruno”, the actress successfully recorded her lines in one take and did differently takes for fun, much to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s surprise.

Physical appearance

Dolores is a 21-12 months-old Colombian young female with curly brown hair and brown eyes. Of her siblings, Dolores is the one who maximum closely resembles her mom. Pepa, having inherited her physical functions and facial expressions.

She wears a white and yellow gold-trimmed shirt with red fabric running through the collar and sleeves. A long red skirt with yellow and light red stripes, a red choker with a gold gem adorned with a ruby ​​in the center, and gold heart-shaped earrings and red sandals. She also wears red lipstick and a large red bow in her hair which she wears in a bun. Symbolizing her super hearing. Dolores’ dress has many sound waves on her shirt, skirt (along with floral symbols), and bow.

Powers and abilities

Enhanced Hearing: Dolores has the ability of enhanced hearing, her ears are strong enough to hear even the quietest of sounds. Such as the sound of a pin dropping and even the sound of someone’s eyes twitching. He has confidential information about his family and townspeople thanks to his gift. Dolores’ hearing works even over long distances, receiving messages from people all over town from Casa Madrigal. As seen when she announced that Mariano’s family was coming for dinner. However, the only downside to her gift is that she doesn’t do well in noisy environments. As she’s remained seen holding her hands over her ears. When everyone else is cheering for Anton or cracks around Casita.

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