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Castor oil for Hair

Brilliant castor oil stimulates hair growth

Unrefined, first cold-pressed, and 100% natural, castor oil, its other name, needs no introduction as the reputation of this vegetable oil has grown. Castor oil is gaining popularity because it is all the rage in the cosmetic field. As much as men, women have adopted it and integrated it into their mask, their hair and beard routine, and for a good reason: it works miracles on the growth.

• First, castor oil for more prolonged, sublime hair

Indeed, ricinoleic acid, the fatty acid in the oil, gives hair suppleness, purifies, hydrates, nourishes, protects the hair fiber, and prevents hair loss. Castor oil for hair brings growth and vitality while fighting against hair loss. The use of this hair elixir will guarantee you shine, beauty, and good growth.

Castor hair and vitamin E

Castor oil is suitable for all hair types. You can also apply it to your children; it helps significantly in tire angling. Put castor oil on the baby’s hair before bathing to soften the shampoo and nourish and detangle his hair after cleaning.

Castor oil for longer eyelashes

Yes, you study that proper! She also looks after the eyelashes, eyebrows, and nails. It makes your nails longer, greater resistant, and beautifies your manicured nails. It also helps stimulate eyelash growth. To greatly simplify its use, we offer castor oil for eyelashes in a 10 ml mascara bottle and castor oil for nails in a 15 ml varnished bottle. And you know what? To boost your eyelashes, even more, a new duo has appeared at Naturafro: it is the eyelash booster duo that includes organic eyelash castor oil and natural vitamin E oil in mascara. Longer, more substantial, firmer, and softer eyelashes!

For fans of eyelash extensions, castor oil can be a treatment for your natural eyelashes before installation to strengthen them and thus ensure good hold and longevity of your deceptions.

Color :Pale yellow

Castor oil used by a woman with curly hair

How to apply castor oil to the hair?

Castor oil is helpful at different stages of your hair care. Great no?

In an oil bath (ideal for frizzy, dry, and brittle hair):
First of all, you should know that castor oil has a very dense and fatty texture. Personally, to facilitate its application, I never use it alone. Instead, to weigh down my fine and curly hair, combine it with other more refined vegetable oils to make it less dense and more penetrating.

Why an oil bath?

It is good to carry out an oil bath before washing your hair because this brings various advantages:

– It facilitates tire angling and therefore limits breakage

– This oil deeply nourishes your hair

– It makes them soft and supple

– Your hair shines brilliantly

– It strengthens them ( ideal if you have to subject them to complex tests such example, adding braids or washing with a shampoo full of chemical components)

– It fights the appearance of split ends

The first step will be the choice of one or more oils that you are going to add to the castor oil. As the latter is already quite dense, avoid mixing it with oils of identical texture. I prefer delicate or fluid oily aspects. For example, I suggest you mix in a bowl:

– Castor oil
– Vitamin E oil
– Argan oil

Castor oil for hairBe was sure to adapt the dosage of your vegetable oils to the length of your hair and not to suffocate it.

The second step is its application. Before proceeding, so that your oils can reach your entire head, divide your hair into several sections, put some oil in your hand and apply it with your fingers, small strand by small strand. Massage your lengths and ends well and gently to penetrate your mixture.
Be careful; avoid greasing the scalp so as not to suffocate it. It already benefits from the generous supply of sebum (oil produced by the body) by the sebaceous glands. However, if you find that your scalp is dehydrated, you can break this rule.

The third step is to improve the effectiveness of your treatment. You will need to cover your hair with a hot towel, cellophane, or a heated cap or helmet for better absorption. Why? Under the effect of heat, the scales of the hair open, and your oils will be able to enter the hair fiber.

In general, I leave it on for half an hour or even 1 hour, but of course, the longer the exposure time, the better for your hair.
For washing, prefer buying a Sulphate and Paraben free shampoo devoid of chemical ingredients so as not to poison your hair. Friend’s advice!

One more thing, do an oil bath when you feel the need; there is no point in giving it to your hair every week. And there you have it, to appreciate the difference, take a selfie for a bath of beaver oil hair before after.

Castor oil hair application

In hair mask
Castor oil, also called castor oil, can also be used in the composition of your masks.
When you don’t have the time or the inclination, if you feel too tired to make a hair mask, several are on the market to nourish, repair, hydrate, and strengthen your hair. But prefer homemade recipes where you will prepare your treatment.
There are two types of masks:

– the hydrating mask
– the protein mask

The hydrating mask

They remedy the dryness of your hair by providing it with hydration, allowing it to recharge with water, and maintaining this hydration. This treatment is essential for curly, frizzy hair, which by its shape is very dry by nature. You can make this mask nourishing and purifying by adding, for example:

– natural sugar such as honey (a tablespoon of honey)

– two natural vegetable oils such as castor oil and sweet almond oil (a tablespoon) and coconut oil (2 tablespoons)

– half a spoon of glycerin

– and of course water

Moisturizing water treatment

By leaving it on for at least an hour under a charlotte, you will obtain, after having rinsed them generously, invigorated hair, supple, soft, and pleasant to the touch.
Make this treatment biweekly or monthly, depending on the condition of your hair.

The protein mask

The purpose of this mask will be to fill in the loss of protein in the hair. In addition to repairing it, it will give it more strength and vitality to face any aggression. Here is an idea for a protein mask recipe that you can try:

– 8 drops of rice protein

– a mixture of various natural vegetable oils (1 tablespoon of castor oil, 1 of jojoba oil, and 1 of hemp oil )

– a coconut cream (3 tablespoons)

Here too, observe at least 1 hour during which the treatment will act in depth.
You can alternate the moisturizing mask with the protein mask every two weeks.

The mask for significantly damaged hair
Mix in a bowl

– 2 cases of castor oil
– 2 cases of aloe vera gel oil

Apply all over the hair and leave under a charlotte for half an hour. Make a gentle shampoo.

Castor oil as a mild makeup remover

The oil is powerful to carry with it all the impurities. So why not use it as a makeup remover? Especially since castor oil is very purifying because of its antimicrobial and antibacterial composition.
Mix it with a few drops of jojoba oil to thin it out.

In leaving or leave-in treatment (essential for frizzy, frizzy, or curly hair)

Finally, you can use castor oil to lock in the hydration provided to the hair. Indeed, this natural oil does not penetrate the hair fiber as well as macadamia oil. For example, which makes it interesting to seal the hair. So why am I saying all this? Hair, incredibly curly or frizzy hair, needs to be hydrated in a long-lasting way. If you do not close the scales of your hair, water will escape, and the rest you know. To avoid this, you must give them daily care without rinsing.

If you are a fan of home cooking, get a spray bottle that mixes lots of water with a conditioner. Now I also advise you to add glycerin to it. Glycerin is a humectant that facilitates entice and hold moisture inside the air. It will also serve as a preservative for your mixture. So to summarize, your spray bottle must contain:
Castor oil woman with long hair
– Lots of water (the quantity must be the most important)
– A conditioner
– Glycerin
Well, that’s not bad, but it’s not over because you have to seal this hydration as I told you above. Oil also comes into play. So once you’ve sprayed your hair with this concoction, apply your natural oil as a barrier. No need to put tons of it on the other hand! A few drops are enough. Some people will also end the seal with shea butter, for example.

Application of this treatment you may use in case you need to have perfectly and durably hydrated hair. Therefore, it’s far excellent to spray your hair inside the nighttime, just earlier than going to bed. To avoid staining your pillow, cowl your head with a silk or satin headband.

Castor Oil Women Curly Hair

For even faster hair growth

it is essential to have a balanced diet to promote more rapid hair growth. So we also advise you to take a spoonful of brewer’s yeast or wheat germ flake every day to sprinkle on your salads, yogurts, pasta. Very rich in vitamins, protein, and zinc, this will boost the growth performance of your hair, whether it is straight, curly, or frizzy.

And if you are impatient with the result, go for the synergy of vitamin E hair oil and castor oil. The hair needs vitamin E (tocopherol) to make it. The castor oil contains vitamin E but has three times less than the oil of wheat germ hair. So in your hair masks and for your hair care, add a little vegetable vitamin E oil to the castor oil.

To understand:
The use of castor oil slows down hair loss but does no longer allow the regrowth of hair loss because of baldness.
Castor oil for eyelashes, to have longer eyelashes

How to apply castor oil at the eyelashes?

If you’re analyzing me, it’s miles due to the fact you are certainly seeking to endow your self with an intense appearance with longer and fuller eyelashes.

 Well done, you have come to the right place because castor oil while protecting them, makes your eyelashes and eyebrows longer and thicker.

The trick now is to use it on your eyelashes and eyebrows without risking getting in your eyes. For this, discover our lash castor oil specially packaged in a 10ml mascara tube. Start from the base of the lashes to the tips.

Small advice:

It will surely not be easy for those who can not do without makeup. Still, it would be good not to touch your mascaras, pencils, and varnish during your castor oil cure for quick results.” Castor oil for hair” bottles should preferably be consumed 12 months after opening.

The shelf life of castor oil depends significantly on storage conditions, especially temperature and exposure to light and air. Due to the natural aspect in our products, there can be mild variations in shade, scent, or consistency. However, we make certain that it does now not affect the exceptional and effectiveness of the castor oil in any manner.

Focus on the effectiveness of castor oil

Castor oil, also called castor oil, is extracted from castor oil nature does things well because the seeds of the castor bean are a strong argument for its oil. Why? Its roots have substances that kill or stop the proliferation of microbes, fungi, and bacteria. Castor oil cleanses the scalp by freeing it from any impurity that could weaken and make the hair fiber vulnerable.

It is essential to a healthy scalp to have hair that grows better and in good health. The skin of the skull needs to breathe to promote growth. If the pores are blocked, it will slow down or slow down the growth.

See our scalp as fertile soil and castor oil as an antiseptic that will purify and protect it. However, as I told you, we must avoid suffocating this soil which is the scalp. It already produces sebum, which I remind you is an oil that cleanses the scalp and nourishes your lengths, from root to tip. So be parsimonious in applying this vegetable oil to your scalp. Usually, I put it on my scalp once or twice a month when I do an oil bath. It makes it possible to favor a mild shampoo.

Other uses of this plant treasure

Do you know that this oil has moisturizing, nourishing, toning, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that are beneficial for our skin problems?

Its virtues on the skin

Castor oil for skin

To obtain a silky soft skin, it suffices to mix a few drops of castor oil with your skincare cream, or the latter with another vegetable oil, jojoba, for example, which would allow you to fluidize it as you know, castor oil is a thick oil. And why not add  essential oil in addition, which is known to fight dry skin and revive the complexion. Always make sure to have the skin cleansed well before application. It is also the solution against dark spots. It can also be used on the lips in case of dryness and chapping. A tiny drop of castor oil combined with a small drop of sweet almond oil will soften and shine in your mouth. I still remind you of the interest in mixing this oil with other more fluid vegetable oils to reduce its dense texture and thus facilitate its penetration.

Castor oil fights against skin infections caused by pathogenic microorganisms; castor oil does the trick because, thanks to its ricinoleic acid, it helps to cleanse and purify the skin. Do not hesitate to use it against your itching, acne. Create synergies with essential oils which will strengthen the antimicrobial action of castor oil. For example, the oil tree important tea and spike lavender, known to be antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, may be associated with castor oil for skin conditions.

A significant anti-inflammatory

Castor oil also brings benefits to minor everyday ailments. And yes, it does not act only in the sphere of beauty; it allows to heal wounds, wounds. As a poultice, castor oil soothes abdominal, joint, and muscle pain. It also relieves you during periods of painful periods. In addition, it has beneficial actions on colitis and cysts. Thanks to its excellent ricinoleic acid, these benefits are possible, helping the body increase its antibody levels and get rid of toxins.
Castor oil for wounds

Use of beaver seeds: its virtues

Harvested when fully ripe, castor seeds must go through drying, peeling, and cold pressing to extract the oil they contain. For this, the oil constitutes 50% of its composition. However, beaver seeds can be used for medical and therapeutic purposes. The main reason is that they are laxative, edible by combining them with hot and flavored drinks. Castor oil recommends cases of occasional constipation, diabetic neuropathy, arterial hypertension, breast cancer.

It is also considered an anesthetic in some instances.
In addition, the use of castor oil is not limited only to the human organism; it is also indicated for technical and material benefits, particularly in industries, as a lubricant, for various engines, etc. For example, it founds in manufacturing plastic, paint. In ancient times, it was even considered a fuel used for lighting.

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