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The 7 Beauty Secrets to better face in Summer

Beauty secrets the last Summer has arrived, you can stay out longer, take the sun, take long swims and enjoy the nice weather.
However, at this time of the year, our skin and hair suffer more aggression and require different precautions.
Protecting and taking care of your skin and hair during the Summer Season is essential to preserve the natural beauty and contribute to the health of the whole organism.
So here are my simple but effective Beauty Secrets to face the Summer better:
Protect the skin
Beauty’s first and most important advice is to remember to use sunscreen before going out of the house.
Sunscreens should not be applied only when you go to the beach but also for a simple walk because UV rays are harmful to the skin’s health, particularly for the face, which remains the most exposed area.

And let us also remember that they are the leading cause of premature skin aging.
For healthy protection, I recommend that you always choose EcoBio Sun Creams, without harmful ingredients to our health.

Treat the Lips

Beauty secrets: The lips have much more subtle skin than the rest of our skin, which means they have less natural protection.
And it is essential to devote adequate attention, especially in the Summer, where they might dry out more quickly and lose turgor due to the sun that affects collagen production, thus accelerating skin aging.
In addition, to protect them with a protective lip balm, I recommend you make an Exfoliating Scrub Natural 1x per week, based on honey and sugar to remove the cuticles in excess.
And then apply every day of the butter of shea or lip balm. Biological PuroBIO Cosmetics, I assure you, will leave your lips soft and moisturized for the whole Summer.

DIY Moisturizing and Revitalizing Mask

In addition, to start and finish the day with a thorough cleaning of the face to remove the makeup, eliminate waste due to smog, sweat and sebum, a beauzty, nourishing mask DIY is the ideal treatment for an always soft, moisturized, and glowing.
Bitter cocoa has an antioxidant, nourishing, and refreshing action and is an ingredient that you can find in all of your kitchens.
Two tablespoons of bitter cocoa
One tablespoon of Whole White Yogurt
One tablespoon of honey
One teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel
Once the ingredients have been mixed, put on the Mask on a cleansed face for 10/15 minutes, rinse, and apply your usual cream.
To be used at least once a week or when you feel the need, and you will see your skin reborn.

Natural remedy for sunburn

The most excellent natural remedy for sunburn is an ingredient that must never be missing in our homes: Aloe Vera gel.
A natural ally helps calm, soothe and cool the irritated areas, favoring a speedy recovery. Apply it and massage a few moments on the affected areas.

Perfect Hair

The Summer is always a bit traumatic, even for our dehydrated hair and exposure to the sun and the water of the sea.
A simple and practical DIY Moisturizing Treatment on the beach is to wet the hair with fresh water and then rub on a few drops of Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, or Jojoba Oil, which will help nourish and protect. S your hair.
In fact, in the evening, after the Shampoo, you will immediately see the brightness and softness of your hair.

Look and Natural Make-up

the arrival of Summer is ideal to opt for lighter makeup concerning the winter months, which make the skin breathe and is not too heavy.
The 2017 Summer Make-up trends foresee a nude look, a fresh and luminous face.
So yes, to bright BLUSH like those of PuroBIO Cosmetics, with a long-lasting, very high pigmentation. And a velvety texture that give the face a healthy and natural look.
To bring out the tan and emphasize the natural light points of the face, I recommend instead applying the new illuminates of the RESPLENDENT line. These 100% natural pigments blend with the skin for an honest, fresh, and glow effect.

Deep Hydration

Last but essential advice before any beauty treatment, drink LOTS of water, at least 1.5 liters a day, which helps to rehydrate the body and our skin from the inside. Always carry a bottle of water and drink !!