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What is Beauty Blender?Description, And Its Uses


The beauty blender remained designed to apply and blend any cream or liquid makeup product onto the skin for a smooth, poreless finish. It’s known for its ‘exclusive aqua-activated foam’ and sphere shape that can reach almost every contour on your face.

She believes the brand ” Beauty Blenders “are special and different from a traditional latex sponge. They are so different that I wouldn’t say I like doing makeup without them.” In Readings’ experience, Beauty blenders, which remain meant to be used wet, help to create a “poreless finish” on the skin.

What is Beauty Blender?

The Beauty blender is a versatile makeup sponge used for practically anything in your makeup bag: foundations, bb cream, concealer, and you name it.

It is a teardrop-shaped sponge to apply makeup.

Follow our 3-step method of using a beauty blender: wet, squeeze, and bounce.

This article will write about a beauty blender and how to use a beauty blender for the face. And also, consider product varieties and care recommendations.

Product Description

The material of manufacture is hypoallergenic, which does not cause allergies during use. The sponge mustn’t contain latex. Using the product, you can:
1.To apply a base.
2.Use it as a concealer.
3.Apply as a blush.
4.Create creamy shadows.
It is not a complete list of the features of the product in question. It is important not to confuse the expensive original products with other sponges made in the form of a drop or an “egg.” Unfortunately, they don’t have the effect of the original.

Information on Variations Of Cosmetic Products

There are several types of “cosmetic testicles” for sale; they differ in color:
Let’s briefly consider each of the options and decide on the purpose and characteristics.

Pink beauty

According to cosmetologists and user reviews, this is the most popular option, which in all respects is suitable for everyday home use.

Black color

According to experts, this is a professional option. It is most likely not suitable for use at home. The texture of the black “cosmetic testicle” is dense. Thus, the applied tonal agent is in the form of a thick layer.

White of beauty

Unlike the previous version, its texture is soft, which allows you to apply a tone in an even layer. BB creams are ideally combined. But if the skin has pronounced defects, then this product with a “disguise” is unlikely to cope.

Green product

Its difference from the original is a copy reduced by four times. The structure is delicate and porous. This model distributes cosmetics well in the corners of the eyes and the area of the browbones.

How To Use a Beauty Blender: Instructions

There are some rules for the use of beauty, with which you can achieve excellent results and mask skin imperfections. To do this, follow the order of actions:
We will consider each step separately.
First of all, it is necessary to wet the sponge thoroughly. Be patient because the water does not absorb instantly! We use hot water for this.
Important: the more water it absorbs, the softer it will be.
As a result, the cream will need less, allowing you to apply a perfectly even and thin layer of cosmetic products. When using cosmetics, the skin is hydrated.
After squeezing a blender in one hand, it is necessary to press it thoroughly. The product is delicate, and it is essential to protect it from damage. With its help, the amount of tone used (density) is adjusted.

Apply a denser layer with a drier sponge and vice versa. You need to follow the spin procedure. After squeezing a cosmetic product and opening it, it should increase in size by about 1.5-2 times.

Information On The Application Process

After the rotation comes the time of the primary procedure. The application rules say: it is necessary to squeeze a small amount of foundation on the back of the palm. Next, dip a “testicle” into it and, immersing yourself, apply the cosmetics to your face with fluid, vibrant movements.
it works the pointed part of the structure
In the eye area.
The mouth.
Around the nose
The pointed part is convenient for working and adjusting makeup, applying shadows.

The round side of the product is best suited to tonal distribution:

On the forehead
On the chin
In the neck.
In the neckline.

If excess cosmetic products need to remove, blot problem areas with the clean side of the “cosmetic testicle.”
About hot flashes
After each use, the testicle should be washed thoroughly. It is a non-negotiable procedure. Subject to the above rule, you won’t need to deal with acne and other problems. In short, hygiene comes first.

How To Take Care Of The Product

A beauty blender is awash by using special detergents to provide quality care. Beauticians and specialists recommend using the manufacturer’s means. The composition of the products includes natural components with a pleasant smell, with a minimum dosage. They are in two variants:
as a gel;
solid soap.
You can take care of beauty and other means – ordinary gel or antibacterial soap. It is pretty much on par with the sponge.

Expert Advice

The procedure for washing a beauty blender is as follows:
Rinse the cosmetic under running warm water.
In the process of washing, it is necessary to compress and expand the “cosmetic testicle.” The procedure, which is over several times, can take anywhere from one to three minutes.
Must be wringing out sponge with a towel.

To dry

For a high-quality treatment of the product, for the cleansing composition, olive oil is supplementary. For this use, different heating objects, including a hairdryer, batteries, are unacceptable. The drying process should take place in vivo. It will adversely affect the structure of the cosmetic accessory.
1.Information on the shortcomings briefly
2.the high cost uses a cosmetic accessory
3.The fragility of use.
With its help, the tonal product distributes, but the expense is higher. It is due to the absorbent properties of the sponge.

Careful handling requires for fragile products

It would help if you took care.
It should be transported and stored in a unique bag, which takes up a lot of space – inconvenience during transportation.

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