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Modern Bazaar Write for UsModern Bazaar Write for Us, Although, The period bazaar originates from Persian, where it raises to the public market district of a city. But, The term bazaar remains too sometimes used to refer to the “network of merchants, bankers, and artisans” who work in that area. Also, The term marketplace comes from Arabic and refers to the markets of North Africa and the Middle East.

Similarly, Today, Modern Bazaar offers more than 25,000 products ranging from regular groceries to health and organic food.

New Modern Bazaar Departmental Stores Private Limited remains an unlisted private company incorporated on 10 May 2013. It is classified as a private limited company and remains located in South West Delhi, Delhi. Its authorized share capital is INR 1.00 cr and the total paid-up capital is INR 1.00 lac.

Similarly, New Modern Bazaar Departmental Stores’s operating revenues range is INR 100 cr – 500 cr for the financial year ending on 31 March, 020. Its EBITDA takes increased by 13.77 % over the previous year. At the same time, its book net worth takes increased by 46.45 %. Other performance and liquidity ratios are available here.

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