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Mouna Ragam 2 – Details, Story, And More

Mouna Ragam 2 Story


Firstly, Mouna Raagam is a 2017- 2020 Indian Tamil language Musical drama series that premiered on 24 April 2017 on Star Vijay and digitally aqueducts on Disney Hotstar. Although, the series has two seasons. Likewise, the first season of the story starts with the seven-time-old Sakthi( Krithika Khelge) being born with a gift. In addition, actress Chippy Renjith produces the show under Global townies.

After 12- a time vault, it continues as Mouna Raagam 2, stars Raveena Daha and Shilpa Nair with Rajeev Parameshwar, Chippy Renjith, and Anusree Chembakassery also with Salmanul Faris and Rahul Ramachandran.

Details About Mouna Ragam 2

Genre: Musical, Drama, Family

Writer: Priya Thampi

Director: Thai Selvam, Manoj Kumar

Star Cast:           

  • Kritika Khelge
  • Sherin Farhana
  • Rajeev Parameshwar
  • Chippy Renjith
  • Shamitha Shreekumar

Theme music composer:

  • Jayachandran (Title Song)
  • Harinarayanan (lyrics)
  • Sananth George (Background Score)

Opening theme: “Odum Meenum Ketkum” Palani Bharathi (Lyrics)

Country: India

Original language: Tamil

No. of seasons: 2

No. of episodes: 1175

Story About Mouna Ragam 2

Mouna Ragam 2

Kadhambari( Kaadhu maa), a rich, argumentative girl by her parents, was married to Karthik Krishna, a notorious songster. They give birth to Shruthi.

As the story goes, it remains revealed that before the marriage of Karthik, he falls for Malliga, a vill girl, but unfortunately, Karthik leaves the vill. Likewise, under pressure from his family, he marries kadhambari, leaving Malliga pregnant, and gives birth to Shakthi, who does not know her father’s name and likes singing. Kadhambari accidentally kills Mallika and escapes.

When Shakthi’s motherly aunt tries to vend her as she can sing well, she escapes from her. Disguised as a boy, she reached Chennai and remained espoused by Karthik’s family Murali and his woman Nandhini. From the morning, Kadhambari and her family abominated Shakthi.

Months passed, and eventually, Murali and Nandhini learned about Shakthi’s history and that she was Karthik’s elder son. But they keep it a secret in fear of Kadhambari. Ultimately, everyone in the family learns that Shakthi is Karthik’s son. Kadhambari and her son Shruthi were infuriated.

More Info About Mouna Ragam 2

Meanwhile, Mallika is alive, taking handling in an Ayurveda Hospital, suffering from Memory Loss due to the accident. Latterly, Shakthi, Mallika, and Karthik reunite, and also Mallika remains bought Karthik’s home. In addition, mallika’s comforting words made Shruthi and Shakthi musketeers, which made Kadhambari angrier. Similarly, she spoils Shruthi’s mind and turns against Mallika and Shakthi.

Although, Kadhambari is affected mentally by Shruthi’s exposure. Guru, Raghav’s family, abducts Shruthi. Raghav is Kadhambari’s swain during council days who tells that Shruthi is his son and not Karthik’s due to their relationship and ultimately blackmails her. When Karthik introduces Mallika and Shakthi as his woman and son in an award show, Shruthi leaves home in wrathfulness.

On a spree, Kadhambari kills Raghav, later blackmailed by his family Guru. Karthik, Mallika, and Nandhini learned this verity but did not ask about Kadhambari. Likewise, everybody in the family is searching for Shruthi. Meanwhile, Shakthi takes care of Kadhambari as a mama.

Similarly, practitioner’s mama Raghavi decides to make Shruthi escape from Guru’s prison. She blames Sakthi and Mallika for her exposure while Mallika and Sakthi leave the house for Shruthi. Shruthi came back home.

Mouna Ragam 2 – FAQs

Mouna Ragam 2 - FAQs

1. How many Episodes are there?

There are more than 1000 episodes

2. How many Seasons are there?

There are two seasons

3. Who is the Producer?

Chippy Renjith is the producer

4. Where can you watch the Serial?

You can watch it on Star Vijay and Disney+Hotstar

5. What is the Genre of the Serial?

It is a musical, family drama serial

6. Who is the Director?

Thai Selvam and Manoj Kumar are the directors

7. In which Language is the Serial Telecasted?

It is available in Tamil


People who are newly watching Mouna Ragam Serial can watch the trailer to know what the serial describes.

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