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Did John Cena Retire

John Cena Retire

John Cena tells us more about his future in WWE and the rings. Aged 42, the wrestler has reached 20 years of career. Yet, if he admits, in half a word, that he is in semi-retirement .And insists on the fact that he never retired from the milieu.

John  Cena Semi-Retired

John Cena’s in-ring appearances have become more and more sporadic in recent years, to the point of sparking rumours of his retirement from the industry.

In 2019, he only played three games, all of them in January.

A year ago, the one who still played 250 shows admitted that his age is becoming a severe handicap.
John Cena explains: “At 42 years old, soon to be 43 in April, I already know that I am a little bit slower. I’m not as strong anymore. All the physical signs of ageing are like telling me ” , My body can’t handle this schedule anymore. »

He adds: “I feel good; I am in excellent shape. It’s not that I won’t be able to continue, but I think, from now on, I risk tipping the scales in the wrong direction. »
Therefore, the Champ is not optimistic about his (regular) presence for future fights. And certainly not for an entire season. Maybe a few appearances or a resounding return for an evening.

John Cena And WWE, United Forever

John Cena has always been obvious on this point. He will never leave WWE and will always collaborate with it in one way or another.
He says, ” I don’t think I would ever retire from the middle because I don’t see it that way… You don’t leave your family. I’m never going to stop waving the WWE colours.

Earlier, he had hinted that he would like to “pass on his knowledge to wrestling rookies”. So maybe he wants to coach some future nuggets? Or to get involved in the training of young wrestlers in a less direct way?
John Cena is, in any case, overwhelmed by his many activities.

The second volume of his children’s book, among other things. But above all his acting career, has taken a phenomenal leap since the worldwide success of Bumblebee. He will also soon star in Fast & Furious 9, which he has just finished filming. And, he’s currently filming The Suicide Squad.

John Cena Explains when he will Retire from WWE

Suicide Squad star John Cena has opened up about his potential retirement from WWE, saying “time will tell” when he selects to part ways with the company.
John Cena recently answered a question regarding his retirement schedule from WWE.When asked on Good Morning America whether or not he plans to leave the promotion for good after nearly two decades as one of his biggest stars. Cena gave a thoughtful response.

After acknowledging the thrill he gets when performing for WWE fans, Cena argued about when he could leave the squared circle behind him.

“The audience is my family. I love the atmosphere, but I also want to be kind to them. And I don’t want to do it selfishly to do it,” Cena says. “I still feel good; even though I finished second, I still feel so good. So, I always feel like I have something to contribute, and time will tell.

The interview kicked off with the theme of Summer Slam 2021, in which Cena “finished second” to reigning WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. “Unfortunately, in WWE, you don’t get silver, but I’m going to take second place,” he conceded. When discussing whether he would ever retire or even be allowed to leave WWE, Cena provided a reflective account of his experience on the mat.

With a hiatus from the sport beginning right after his loss to Reigns, Cena remains busy with many film and television projects.

Hulu’s Holiday Friends, which Cena was promoting during his appearance on ABC’s morning show, is one of the many titles he’s thrown his weight behind. In addition, the F9 star will soon travel to the UK to star along.

He’s also set to appear in HBO Max’s Peacemaker, reprising his role from The Suicide Squad. Though seemingly turning away from professional wrestling for a burgeoning career as a movie star.

Cena still has a role in SmackDown at Madison Square Garden on September 10.

Suicide Squad’s John Cena makes WWE Return at Money in the Bank

WWE Superstar John Cena makes his long-awaited return to Money in the Bank 2021.
The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker star John Cena has made his long-awaited return to the squared circle at WWE Money in the Bank.

In the main event of the WWE Universal Championship, defending champion Romain Reigns successfully defended the title against challenger Edge thanks to interference from Seth Rollins.

It marks Cena’s first time in a WWE ring since LutteMania 36 in 2020.

Where he faced Bray Wyatt in a cinematic style match that saw the Fiend defeat the Cenation leader.

Cena – whose professional wrestling career has taken a back seat to his acting lately – discussed his WWE tenure in June, noting that the company he once was the face of no longer had needed him. “I tie a lot of things into WWE, and this one ties right in with that line,” Cena explained.

“How was it to join the WWE Locker room?

WWE is already a worldwide phenomenon, with or without John Cena, and it was sure before I got there and surely now that I’m gone, and they’re still thriving…they don’t need me.

But it’s such an honour and a pleasure to walk into that locker room and be able to go out and perform. ”

It looks like John Cena has some exciting plans on the horizon that could steer him away from WrestleMania 38 if all goes well.

And he doesn’t seem too angry about things that might turn out this way. Unfortunately, this means Cena could miss WrestleMania for the second year in a row after a considerably long streak. Before the 2021 event, Cena had a role in the previous 20 years of WrestleMania action.

John Cena missing WrestleMania could be a disappointment for fans. And indicate that his acting career can only take him away from WWE over time.

However, for those worried about that reality, Cena made a consolation statement .And made it clear that while he might miss WrestleMania, he still plans to return at some point to compete in more matches.

It’s good to hear that John Cena is still feeling good about pro wrestling after his brief comeback in 2021 and that he intends to return.

It always looked like it would, as Cena’s 16-time world title streak ties him to Ric Flair.

And one more win would shatter the record and make wrestling history.

WrestleMania 38 take place on Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3, with both nights streaming on Peacock. John Cena is currently not involved in the proceedings.

Although it looks like we’ll be seeing another mega-match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns that fans won’t want to miss.

John Cena faced Roman Reigns at Summer Slam for the WWE Universal

Championship. Unfortunately, reigns left the fight retaining his title, thus ending “The Summer of Cena”. The 17-time Champ can currently be seen on The Suicide Squad in theatres .And is headlining Peacemaker’s upcoming HBO Max spin-off series, which will debut in early 2022.

We can only wish John Cena to find a rhythm that will allow him to continue to live all his passions for a long time—hoping to see him again one-day wrestling.

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