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Through the Great Pandemic of 2020, a new voice reached YouTube that was searching for “The Truth” because of his endearing personality. Inside info and fascinating guests. The phenomenon that is Charlie Ward was born.

However, earlier, Charlie became an online sensation. Then, he had a whirlwind of 60 years on the planet that saw him go from existence as a humble English kid who took up in a bizarre religious cult in the 1960s to being an international financier and mover of money for the World’s governments.

He was offered a £1 million advance for telling his life story through the now disgraced and deceased PR guru Max Clifford in 2010. It is because his life story was so explosive. So Charlie takes now puts pen to paper for the first time. Takes told his life story in his Official Autobiography “I’m Just Charlie.” Ranking and more

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Interview with Charlie

Charlie wants to say something because a lot of people typically when they book a venue, you know to listen to a speaker, the venue comes up, but we’re not doing that this time. So are we just giving them a postcode, aren’t we at this moment in time, first of all?

now that’s a critical point. We know that the authorities have done everything they can to stop people from the truth movement, for want of a better word coming together, but it won’t be long before we wake up to the fact that when realizing.

If the government has stolen their pensions, the police force and the military will quickly choose their side. Yeah, when they realize they’ve remained misled and mistreated because most people join the military and the police force.

After all, know they’re going to get a charming pension and when they find out that they’ve been and just so you guys if you’re police now and watching us. You’re the military and watching us do yourself a favour. So go and ask the question about the money\ that we put our money into the pension fund.

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